E-bike tours
Would you like to make a route in electric mountainbike adapted to your level? Do you want to surprise your partner with an unforgettable experience? Are you planning to buy an electric mtb and do not know which is the best option? Do you have an electric mtb and want to go out with us?

Welcome to Planext Experience

Electric mountainbike
Electric mountainbike

Hi ! I'm Borja a mountain bike enthusiast.

 In this web, I would like to share with you a new experience that will make you vibrate: the electric mountainbike. Those who have not tried it will probably think, "this is not mountain bike," or "what nonsense, if you do not get tired" and things like that. In my opinion, an electric mtb is very versatile. Whether you're in good shape or not, you can get the most of your bike. The different levels of pedaling assistance allow you to dose the effort, requiring more help in the moments that most need it. 

What do I propose? 

Electric mountainbike tours
Electric mountainbike tours

Guided tours

I accompany you and your group, for the best routes in the area for you to enjoy to the fullest. I organize the route that you want, taking into account your physical and technical level on the bike. 

Bikes rental
Bikes rental

Bicycle rental with GPS

 If you prefer to do a heads-up with your partner, friend, friend, son, daughter, without the need of a guide, I provide 2 electric BTT, one with GPS, so you can make a route on your own. Prior to departure, I will show you the operation of the bikes and I will configure the GPS with the output that best suits your needs.

MTB tours around Maresme Coast
MTB tours around Maresme Coast

The routes

The routes are circular by the Natural Park of the Montnegre and Corredor. You can choose between quiet routes, more technical or more physical and intense ones for those who are in a good shape. They all start from the town of Sant Andreu de Llavaneres (Maresme). 

Prices - 1/2 day


30 €


40 €


+ 10 € / person

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